Buckinghamshires Mobile Inflatable

Laser Quest Arena




Event Types

Our inflatable laser tag equipment is mobile; therefore, there is no limits to the different events and locations where the game can be played:

  • Children, teenager, adult parties
  • University events
  • Fetes
  • Council events
  • Youth Groups
  • Corporate team building
  • Family & Friends in the garden


We supply and operate a fully insured state of the art Mobile Laser Quest Game. The arena has plenty of hiding places within the 9 interlocking tunnels and chambers of the maze.

The Laser Quest arena is manufactured from hi-quality black/grey commercial grade PVC. We are members of BIHA and only operate within their safety guidelines. The arena is run by trained operators for the duration of the booking to ensure safe use.

It is an exciting and challenging non-contact shooting game which can be enjoyed by people of all ages including adults (minimum age of 7 years old) The game is played inside the inflatable.

The idea of the game is to achieve the highest score. To score points, players must shoot at their opponent's laser gun with their laser beam, while at the same time preventing their own laser gun from being shot.

The Arena

The arena can be sited indoors or outside. A large area is needed for the unit to safely operate 40 x 40 feet (12 x 12 metres) designed for up to 12 players. The unit can be made smaller in width to 30 x 40 feet (9 x 12 metres) if required.

To enhance the unit it comes with a sound system and a fog machine to create a fun filled atmosphere. As the unit is large and heavy we require access to drop the unit as close to the event site as possible.

An onsite power source, (1 x 13amp) standard house hold socket within 75 metres of the inflatable is required. We only use our power cables and require our own allocated power socket. If power is not available on site please speak to us regarding generator hire.


The Game

A single game lasts for 10 minutes although this can be altered to suit the requirements of the event. The game is played in two groups, for up to 12 players. Players can also play individually.

A short briefing is taken on safety and game instructions by our staff; then players enter into the maze and battle it out against their opponents. Every time a player is shot, the gun will light up and will de-activate for 5 seconds. At the end of the game the laser guns stop and players make their way to the exit where our staff will be waiting to let them out. The guns relay your score to the staff outside the arena and upon your exit you will be told your score and which team has won.

The Guns

The high tech laser guns have been specially designed for this mobile arena. The laser guns have many special features, enabling the user to change the ammo to suit their situation. The guns are designed to be used in a safe two handed grip, they have a very realistic feel. The guns shoot accurate low level safe infra-red laser beams which are great under the effects of the fog machine. The guns have internal speakers to produce the appropriate ammo sound when fired or when an opponent shoots you.